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A long over-due update…

Well, we have been stalling…maybe it’s because we don’t want to admit it, but for now the great big cross-country adventure has come to an end.  Of course, there is adventure in everything we do whether we are traveling or in our day to day routine, isn’t there?

We are in Vermont.  That little state with a big heart way over on the East coast, sandwiched in between NY and New Hampshire.  Chef Marcus is back to work teaching at the New England Culinary Institute, I have continued my photography (we are in the mist of making a coffee table book “Sea to Shining Sea”, a photographic journey across the country.  It will be available soon so keep checking this site, if you are interested.)  And Chase has started school in Colchester and just LOVES it!  He is in Mrs. Anderson’s half day Kindergarten class and so far his favorite “game” (which he admits isn’t a game) is reading.  It’s great to be home. 

That being said, our 7 plus months “On the Road” were purely amazing.  We have countless untold tails…some of which I will continue to share with you periodicly.  We have many many wonderful new friends from all over the country, and just as many glorious memories.  There really is no way of seeing it all in 7 months time, or a year, or two…This may be the end of one adventure, the last chapter in a part one series, but it’s just the beginning.  Thank you all for sharing in our trip.  Your support has given us the freedom to travel!

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Arkansas Diamonds

There is only one public diamond mine in the US and it is in a very obscure place called Murfreesburo, Arkansas.  We arrived just after 10pm when the Crater of Diamonds State Park closes, so spent the night set up in a pull-off (the only time on our trip we had done this) a few miles from the park entrance and waited ’till morning.  We dug enthusiaticly for a few hours at the mine (which is a huge open field with rows of dirt mounded up for as far as the eye can see) got completely covered with a thick grey-green clay, and left with some neat looking rocks, but no real diamonds.  Oh well.  It was fun, and something we’ve always wanted to do.  I did purchase several plastic souvenir diamonds so if you see them in our gold viles…and hear us tell you we got them at the diamond mine…well, we’re just having some fun.  That’s what it’s all about, after all.

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Viva Las Vegas!

2 days in the sin city!  We ate and ate and ate some more, there were just too many choices…We decided to restaurant hop and try an appetizer and a beverage at each place until we were too full to go on.  We walked the strip at night and checked out the shows and the lights, then took turns at the casino while the other stayed with Chase in our room at the Luxor.  The “inclinator” ride to the room was amusing…especially for those who’d had a few drinks…My first night paid at the slots for our second day there…We went to the M&M store, saw 2 3-D IMAX movies, played at the “kiddy” casino (aka the arcade), got a massage, opened some oysters and got pearls, and generally had a whole lot of fun!  We all want to go back and endulge some other time.   

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That Great Big Hole in the Ground…

While here in Arizona, we visited that great big hole in the earth, the Grand Canyon, twice. Our first trip, we approached the edge, looked down, and were surprised to only be able to see about 6 feet down. Chase asked if we’d come to see the world’s largest pit of fog? Cute. Our second attempt was much more rewarding, and the snow around the rim framed the view nicely. As an added bonus, on our walk back to the truck, a few elk showed interest in amusing the people for a few minutes.

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Happy New Year 2008!

Each year, the LDMA hosts a New Year’s Eve party in the desert in the ghost town of Stanton, Arizona. And, each year, they kick off the party with a commemorative play honoring the years of past, and the founder of the gone town of Stanton. This year, I played the part of “Froilana”, the Mexican sister of the Lucero Brothers, and ultimately the demise of Charlie Stanton. What a fun way to start the New Year! We all (including Chase) danced, sang, and enjoyed the company of new and old friends ’till 1am. 2007 has been full of special memories. Thank you for being part of it and Happy New Year to all of you!

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Montezuma’s Castle

We spent the day visiting and hiking around some ancient ruins in Verde Valley, Arizona. Both Montezuma’s Castle and Montezuma’s Well were dwellings of the Sinagua Natives some 1100 years ago. An estimated 400 people lived in these cliff-side apartments.

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Mmmmm the smell of home…

Today, six months ago, we moved into our NECI trailer and headed West for the adventure of a lifetime.  And that, it has been.  But this evening, December 24th, we are hunckered down in a quaint cabin amongst the Coconino National Forest in Arizona, fire lite, listening to carols, and cooking up some delicious smelling food.  We have 2 pumpkin pies, Swiss truffle brownies, chocolate chunk brownies, and the turkey’s in the works.  Yes, there are only 3 of us.  But I don’t think we’ll go hungry anytime soon.  It’s quite a treat to have a full sized kitchen to cook in after so long.  We’ve gotten pretty good a creating some fun gourmet-style meals on a tiny 3 burner stove and almost zero counter space.  But tonight, the space is plenty, and so is the culinary aroma.

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Happy Holidays from the Road!

We are taking a brief break to enjoy our holiday in snowy Flagstaff, Arizona.  We hope you all have a very wonderful and safe one, as well! 

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Yosemite National Park

One of our days down in the Italian Bar Canyon, we decided to take a 2 hour trip to Yosemite National Park and explore the sites of Bridal Falls, El Capitan and Half Dome. I was looking forward to taking some Ansel Adam’s-type pictures on this sunny day and a tad disappointed that the valley was filled with pink smoke from a controlled burn on the windward side of the mountains. We did enjoy our visit though. We saw bear tracks in the sand along the reflecting pool in the valley, a coyote up on Glacier Point (she was looking for some alone time), and ate lunch overlooking Half Dome with some sassy ravens. The ravens watched us get out of the truck with our mini-cooler and made a point of following us on our hike. They waited until we started lunch, then closed in on Chase and his food. Chase won, but purposely left a chip behind as we were leaving. Funny…those ravens were in the parking lot as we left waiting for the next family of victims. We also saw the Giant Sequoia Trees at Mariposa Grove. At a good 15 feet in diameter, they were still massive and impressive even after a visit to the redwoods. On our way back to camp we decided take an off-map off-pavement road on a hunch to save some time and have a little fun. We’d had a tip from a local who wasn’t quite sure, but…we tried anyway. Somewhat like the Bald Hill road in Northern CA, this dirt road took us up and up and around then through someone’s driveway (their 5 dogs let us know we shouldn’t be there) then over a washout, and down down down to the main road. Once again, we didn’t get lost. Amazing. We stopped once on that old carriage road (called Miami Trail) to pick up 2 ENORMOUS pine cones! The seeds were all out, so we didn’t feel like we were taking any little trees. These are some of our favorite treasures of our trip this far. They are now on display on the mantle of the cabin we are in…but that’s another story.

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