A long over-due update…

Well, we have been stalling…maybe it’s because we don’t want to admit it, but for now the great big cross-country adventure has come to an end.  Of course, there is adventure in everything we do whether we are traveling or in our day to day routine, isn’t there?

We are in Vermont.  That little state with a big heart way over on the East coast, sandwiched in between NY and New Hampshire.  Chef Marcus is back to work teaching at the New England Culinary Institute, I have continued my photography (we are in the mist of making a coffee table book “Sea to Shining Sea”, a photographic journey across the country.  It will be available soon so keep checking this site, if you are interested.)  And Chase has started school in Colchester and just LOVES it!  He is in Mrs. Anderson’s half day Kindergarten class and so far his favorite “game” (which he admits isn’t a game) is reading.  It’s great to be home. 

That being said, our 7 plus months “On the Road” were purely amazing.  We have countless untold tails…some of which I will continue to share with you periodicly.  We have many many wonderful new friends from all over the country, and just as many glorious memories.  There really is no way of seeing it all in 7 months time, or a year, or two…This may be the end of one adventure, the last chapter in a part one series, but it’s just the beginning.  Thank you all for sharing in our trip.  Your support has given us the freedom to travel!

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