From the first moment our trip began, Chase has been asking when we were going to Texas…It’s a cowboy thing.  So, after leaving Arizona, we drove straight to the Lone Star State.  It was Cold and very Windy.  So much so that we opted for a hotel room instead of the RV we’d called home for so long.  It was a nice change, actually.  Like we were on vacation, or something : ).  After a day of swimming and soaking in the hotel pool, we dined out in the well-known “road-side America” restaurant the “BIG TEXAN”.  This is one of those you’ve-got-to-see-it-to-believe-it kind of establishments.  A cowboy (7ft tall Texan doning a 10 gallon and huge boots) picked us up in a limo with a full spread of long horns attached to the hood and drove us to the restaurant for dinner.  This is the home of the big eat the full 72oz steak in 60min or less and get it free meal.  (No, Chef didn’t try…)  We were plenty full after our much smaller meals (or at least Marcus & I were).  Chase exchanged phone numbers with the young Southern girl who served us (I think she asked him to come back and be her date for the HS dinner dance), ate every bite on his plate (a 10oz and mac & cheese served in a straw cowboy hat lined with a red bandana) and finished dessert.  We got another ride back to the hotel with another real cowboy.  Don, an older gentleman who used to work on a Million Acre ranch in his years.  He invited us back to check it out if we were ever in the area again.  The moment we entered the room, my tummy all-to-full, Chase gave me that look…and said his most common 3 words…”Mom…I’m Hungry”!  I can’t believe him!  What are we going to do when he’s a teenager?  I guess maybe he’s training to eat that big 72ozer when he goes back to the Lone Star state.   www.bigtexan.com

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