Viva Las Vegas!

2 days in the sin city!  We ate and ate and ate some more, there were just too many choices…We decided to restaurant hop and try an appetizer and a beverage at each place until we were too full to go on.  We walked the strip at night and checked out the shows and the lights, then took turns at the casino while the other stayed with Chase in our room at the Luxor.  The “inclinator” ride to the room was amusing…especially for those who’d had a few drinks…My first night paid at the slots for our second day there…We went to the M&M store, saw 2 3-D IMAX movies, played at the “kiddy” casino (aka the arcade), got a massage, opened some oysters and got pearls, and generally had a whole lot of fun!  We all want to go back and endulge some other time.   

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  1. Hey Marcus, Erika and Chase! Were you in Las Vegas when a casino caught on fire, I think it was the MGM Grand… we saw it all on TV. Are you hooking up with any alumni? Let me know your route and I’ll send out some emails…

  2. Yo! Hey guys how is the life on the open road? I haven’t heard from you two in awhile. I thought I would check on you. Well I’m here at Azalea still by myself. No other sous chef. Tony cut out about 3 months ago. So I pounded out the busy season by myself! It was harsh!
    Haley has just been promoted to a editor at her magazine and is doing great. so it looks like that we are going to stay here in Iowa for awhile, so I’m going to open a bistro here in Des Moines. I have realized thats it good to be a big fish in a little puddle than a mino in the Ocean, so Erika dragg Marcus back here, I need some help! please call when you guys get a chance I would like to see where you guys will be this Spring. maybe I could meet up with you guys, and bring my New puppy to see Chase!

    happy Trails,


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