Mmmmm the smell of home…

Today, six months ago, we moved into our NECI trailer and headed West for the adventure of a lifetime.  And that, it has been.  But this evening, December 24th, we are hunckered down in a quaint cabin amongst the Coconino National Forest in Arizona, fire lite, listening to carols, and cooking up some delicious smelling food.  We have 2 pumpkin pies, Swiss truffle brownies, chocolate chunk brownies, and the turkey’s in the works.  Yes, there are only 3 of us.  But I don’t think we’ll go hungry anytime soon.  It’s quite a treat to have a full sized kitchen to cook in after so long.  We’ve gotten pretty good a creating some fun gourmet-style meals on a tiny 3 burner stove and almost zero counter space.  But tonight, the space is plenty, and so is the culinary aroma.

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  1. Coming through Las Vegas chef? If so hit me up I would love to meet you!

    Chef Steven Jacobson

  2. Chef!!! How cool! I guess I should keep up with everything thats been going on!! Have you been to TN yet?? I would love to see you and your family!! Lots of things have change since the NECI Commons! You should see the Restaurant I am running now! Thank you for teaching me so much!! You and Chef Micheal were the best!!Do you ever get time to cook up those great white chocolate strawberry pancakes? Hope to here from you soon!


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