Yosemite National Park

One of our days down in the Italian Bar Canyon, we decided to take a 2 hour trip to Yosemite National Park and explore the sites of Bridal Falls, El Capitan and Half Dome. I was looking forward to taking some Ansel Adam’s-type pictures on this sunny day and a tad disappointed that the valley was filled with pink smoke from a controlled burn on the windward side of the mountains. We did enjoy our visit though. We saw bear tracks in the sand along the reflecting pool in the valley, a coyote up on Glacier Point (she was looking for some alone time), and ate lunch overlooking Half Dome with some sassy ravens. The ravens watched us get out of the truck with our mini-cooler and made a point of following us on our hike. They waited until we started lunch, then closed in on Chase and his food. Chase won, but purposely left a chip behind as we were leaving. Funny…those ravens were in the parking lot as we left waiting for the next family of victims. We also saw the Giant Sequoia Trees at Mariposa Grove. At a good 15 feet in diameter, they were still massive and impressive even after a visit to the redwoods. On our way back to camp we decided take an off-map off-pavement road on a hunch to save some time and have a little fun. We’d had a tip from a local who wasn’t quite sure, but…we tried anyway. Somewhat like the Bald Hill road in Northern CA, this dirt road took us up and up and around then through someone’s driveway (their 5 dogs let us know we shouldn’t be there) then over a washout, and down down down to the main road. Once again, we didn’t get lost. Amazing. We stopped once on that old carriage road (called Miami Trail) to pick up 2 ENORMOUS pine cones! The seeds were all out, so we didn’t feel like we were taking any little trees. These are some of our favorite treasures of our trip this far. They are now on display on the mantle of the cabin we are in…but that’s another story.

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  1. Hey! Did you by any chance walk into the tunnel at Tunnel View? I drove through a while ago(?) and someone that looks a lot like you was in there walking up the side.

  2. Theresa, When were you there? We were there only one day in the begining of December. But, still could have been us!

  3. It’s one of the ’07 grads here. Mark Baker. Sounds like you are having a blast, your making me jealous. How about Florida? I am at your old stomping grounds, The Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort in Naples, Fl. Sam Atwood is also here. I could try to set something up for you if you are heading this way. The past executive chef and executive sous chef were really impressed with the NECI program and internship programs. Let me know so we can get everything in the works. We just got in our new Executive Chef, another CMC. The food has a great new energy to it. The energy of the place, and the culinary staff as a whole, has climbed a few notches. What a place to work in. I know there are quite a few Neci Alumni on both Flordia coasts all the way down. And it is to cold to be up north right now, come soak up some of the sun!!

    Hope to hear from you,


  4. Hey Marcus, Erika and Chase… I’m on vacation this week and wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and safe travels! What is your ETA for Florida? And have you thought about helping the AL alumni with their fundraiser (Rebecca Corretti is spearheading the effort…)

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