Scott’s Bar, California again…

We spent our first night under the stars next to the Klamath River at the Klamath LDMA property. Early the next morning, we finished the windy drive on route 96 to the junction of the Scott River and the Klamath. This is the local of the Scott River LDMA camp where we spent a two weeks last month. This time, it was colder…the sun in the valley would hit the camper and begin to melt the thick frost around 10:30am and would literally set behind the mountain on the other side of the valley at 1:40pm! And we were here to do some mining on our own.

We built up our arm muscles moving big rock after small boulder just to get to the gravel, but came across 2-3 penny weight a day. Hard work could payoff in this area. We needed a few parts for our high banker so headed in to Happy Camp, a town 35 miles West along the Klamath river. This took us on a treasure hunt of sorts. None of the mining stores had our part, so we went out into town seeking Rusty, a dredge repairman with some used parts. After arriving at the place of work we were told he was at, and finding out he hadn’t been there in days, we decided to give up and go back to camp. On second thought, we drove past the local tavern first. And, maybe by coincidence, he happened to be parked outside. We gave him a ride to his house, got a tour of lots of different dredges, and purchased our part. Another fun adventure.

We spent Thanksgiving day with other members of the LDMA at home in Hamburg eating plates of delicious food and listening to grand miner stories. These guys talk about gold in pounds, and store it in mason jars (so we’re told), not in penny weight (20th of an oz) and keep it in little glass viles like we amateurs do. Pretty astounding.

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