Giant Trees!

We decided to take a camping trip from our camping trip and packed the back of the truck with enough blankets and gear for an overnight. We left the camper at Scotts River LDMA camp and ventured West via a very winding route 96 then took a “short cut” called the bald hill road which lead us to the coast and home of the giant redwood trees. This short cut was like none other.  It was unpaved, straight uphill and 90 degree right turns followed by 90 degree to the left turns.  I almost needed dramamine!  We took a few trails and explored the forest, feeling much like ants, and in awe of the age and enormity of the forest. One tree was 21.5 feet in diameter and over 300ft tall. It is estimated at 1500 years old! We then found the corkscrew trees where 8 redwoods have grown together and become one huge mass. The drive thru tree which we found was just barely wide enough for the Dodge. The mirrors, folded in, still rubbed on either side of the tunnel as we came through.

We then decided to set up “camp” for the night and pulled down to Gold Bluffs Beach near where we had seen a herd of Roosevelt Elk earlier in the day. We slept in the back of the truck and snuggled close, as it dropped down to only 17 degrees that night. burrr! But we survived, and enjoyed the trees!

 Oh, the following morning, before headed back to the LDMA camp, we found a great diner/cafe, drank warm coffee and ate lots of good breakfast food.  Chase, being so used to the restaurant scene and harrassing Chef’s students, felt a bit too comfortable at his post at the diner counter.  He pointed out to the server that her help had left and was sitting down talking to other guests.  (She was the 83 year old owner and was talking to her grandson!)  He then reminded one of the other servers that the dishwasher could take his empty soup bowl.  Uggh.  I think we’ve created a monster.  Fortunately, the staff was loving this 6 year old’s input. 

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