Candy & Milkshakes

Each year on Halloween, Chase knows exactly what he wants to be the following year…and so far, it hasn’t changed.  Last November 1st, he decided he was going as a mummy this year, and although we tried to encourage him to go as a cowboy, his homemade mummy was a hit.  It proves that you don’t need a sewing machine to make a costume.  Just lots and lots of safety pins and a few yards of white material.  We spent some time at Woody Bailey’s house with his family and carved pumpkins then headed out into the suburban neighborhood of Portland, OR. and collected some candy.  We visited about 20 houses, then headed back to Robert’s, my cousin’s, in NE Portland to divy up the goods.  The following day, Chase wanted to use some of his birthday money (thanks Aunt Ali!) to get a milkshake at “Burgerville”, a local chain restaurant which uses only local produce & product and is somewhat famous for their milkshakes.  Yummy.  We each drank one and the name Burgerville has been on our lips since!  Their burgers aren’t too bad either.  Burgerville uses only 100% local Oregon beef and cooks all their burgers fresh to order on a large, doublesided flattop that looks likes an oversized panni machine.

Another “ville” we’ve tried out a few time is “Beaterville”.  As it’s name suggests, the theme is beat-up cars and old car parts painted everywhich florescent color are scattered everywhere.  The coffee and the breakfast food kept us coming back.  It reminded Marcus & I somewhat of Dirty Harry’s in Key West…an old favorite.

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