Culinary Meca, Portland OR

With temperate weather all year round, the fruit, berries, fresh produce, and beef and poultry are abundant, not to mention it’s proximity to the Pacific for an on demand supply of the freshest seafood it’s not hard to understand why Portland, Oregon is loaded with amazing restaurants, organic markets and FOOD. This is a city that breaths food. And with food comes some terrific brews. We’ve never seen so many microbrews in one area. Not only can you find local brews from Portland, but from just about every district, even street within it’s walls.

Here’s a look at just some what’s going on. Chef Marcus has had the privilege of touring both the Oregon Culinary Institute and Western Culinary. These competing schools are each employing NECI graduates. Woody Bailey, an AOS from Oregon Culinary, was an intern in Marcus’ kitchen at the Inn this spring. He was completing his second internship at the Five Spice Restaurant in Lake Oswego, OR and set Chef up with a 3 night stage/work experience while Chase & I were in Vermont. Chef Marcus worked the grill station with 8 pick-ups for Friday, Saturday and Sunday night shifts. The Five Spice kitchen crew help set up the station, showed Marcus what his plates should look like, and set him free. The rest of the first evening, what he forgot, the chef seemed to already know and had it ready. By the end of day three, Marcus had it down, well, almost. It was definitely fun to work with such a great bunch of guys. It was great to have had this experience. Thanks Five Spice! This would make a good internship site.  Check out the menu at

As many of you know, Chef Michel and his wife Annemarie LaBorgne were in the Portland area for 3 successful alumni events which Chef Marcus had the pleasure to attend. The first was in Seattle, Washington at Todd English’s Fish Club at the Marriott, where the head chef is a NECI alumni. The second at the Heathman Restaurant in Portland and the third at Hooba’s in Husum, Washington both run by NECI alumni. Look for the upcoming alumni newspaper for those who attended, and probably some pictures.

We have also been in contact with many other New England Culinary Institute alumni and friends here in Portland. Keep a look out for updates on their full names and graduation dates. Matt Crone and wife Julie, Adam C?, Anthony ?, Matt Allen, Becca Pilgrim, and Paul Kasten, to name a few.

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