From Sea to Shining Sea…

Since Chase & I have returned from Vermont, the three of us have had many new and exciting adventures.  Our first day back, we took the MAX (public train) to downtown, met up with my aunt, uncle and cousin, and hiked up and up and up to Washington Park.  The view from the top of the city is well worth the up.  You can clearly see Mount Hood, there are lots of nice walking paths, a few cool fountains, memorials, an amphitheater, and a few thousand rose bushes.  After stopping to smell the roses, Chase spied a hot dog cart and realized he was soo hungry he couldn’t take another step with out food(Chase downed a dog).  We all thought food was a great idea (but too-long-boiled dogs were out of the question for me) so we rolled down down down to what is told to be the best pizza in town…called “Escape From New York Pizza”  It’s a little strip between two stores, no wider than 30ft which serves pizza by the slice and local brew.  Cash only.  What a gold mine this little place is.

The next afternoon we spent driving along the Oregon coast and playing on the beach next to the Pacific ocean.  We even drove about 20 of those miles right On the beach.  There was lots of kelp washed up, and quite a few broken sand dollars.  It’s so relaxing to be on the shore;  I know why most of the population lives on the coast…We also visited the world’s tallest sitka spruce tree, it’s over 250 feet tall, and an estimated 750 years old.  We stopped in at an old fish cannery turned cafe in Astoria, OR for a quick bite to eat before heading back around to Portland.  The fish chowder was delicious (Chase approves) and the fresh cod fish-n-chips were wonderful.  While we ate, we enjoyed watching a harbor seal swimming in the Columbia river!  A very special sight to us back-East-ers.  Certainly no seals in Vermont!

The following day we took a trip though the Columbian Gorge, walked along the Multnomah Falls, then played in the snow at the base of Mt Hood.  We stopped for a picnic lunch at the Timberlane ski area, sat on a rock and watched the skiiers and boarders and a few people on sleds have fun on the slopes this October afternoon.  I bet there’s no need to make artificial snow…the slopes are open 10 months of the year, and there is snow at places on the mountain which never melts.  After lunch, Chase decided to make his own slope and “ski” down a snowy 30′ drop on his mud boots.  6 or so trips down (many of them successful), he realized that his mittenless hands were cold, so we wrapped up our outing and drove back to “base camp” at my cousin Robert’s for hot drinks and a movie.

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