Back to Vermont, briefly…

Chase & I flew back to Vermont from Portland, OR to take care of a few weddings I had booked and to visit friends.  Ahhh, there’s nothing like the fall foliage in Vermont.  These are a few pictures Chase took on a walk through the woods, along with a few others.  We had a surprise birthday party, played on our favorite playground, saw lots of family and friends, and even got lost in our first corn maze…

After a busy two weeks home, I made the trip back to Portland a bit longer than expected.  We had what I thought  to be a long layover in Newark so we sat down in the airport diner for soup.  After Chase’s first bowl, he lost another tooth (must have been some pretty chewy soup), then I fell asleep during his second.  Just a quick nap, or so I thought…I missed our flight and now had to wait until 6pm to fly out.  It was only 9:30am!  Uhhhhhggggg.  But, we made it.  Back to our “Great Big Trip”

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  1. Hi Errie, Marcus and Chase,
    I am enjoying your adventures and especially your photography Errie….you are truly an artist1 Some of your nature scenes are breathtaking! (As one artist to another…just awesome!)
    It sounds like Chase had the greatest birthday a kid (or adult) could ever have. Give you all hugs for me. Hope Chase got my card…..Love, Gaga

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