Gold in Oregon

After leaving Montana, we sped past Yellowstone in search of that yellow stone.  The LDMA (Lost Duchman’s Mining Association) was holding an “outing” in Durkee, Oregon and that’s where we headed.  After 9 long bumpy miles into the property on the very wash-board road, we arrived at the Burnt River camp nestled in a deep ravine with huge steep mountains on either side and a river running through it.  We set up camp and immediately headed for the river with our mining tools.  We were able to pick away at a hole in the mountainside and run about 4 buckets full of material through the sluice box before the sun dissapeared behind the westward mountain and the dark and cold set in.  Each pan produced some color, or gold, which was exciting enough for us to continue the following day. 

While at the Burnt River camp, we ventured out of the valley again and visited the “Hungry Redneck Cafe” which was just off the interstate in Durkee.  Just the name alone gives you a pretty clear idea of what it’s like.  We had a wonderful time with a fun server.  Chase ate spaghetti and was actually up set that he was given so much.  “Do they actually think I can eat all this?!”  But, he did manage to put a huge dent in it.  After our meal, the cook came out of the kitchen to show off his day’s findings to the table next to us.  I was too curious to keep my mouth shut, so I asked him to humor us, as well.  To both of our’s dismay, this young man pulled a rolled up piece of plastic shopping bag out of his pocket, laid it on our table and unrolled it reveiling at least (and this is no fish story) a half an ounce of true nuggets.  Our jaws hit the floor.  We were a little more motivated to find that shiny yellow rock after that.  

We met lots of adventurous prospectors like ourselves and made, as always, a bunch more friends to add to our ever growing family.  A rainbow graced us and convinced Chase that it was showing us the way to the gold.  If only he knew how far the top of that mountain was.  He was ready to hike up there as soon as we saw it.  Once again, we had a fantastic time and were sad to leave all of our new friends.  But, the adventure must continue… and so it does.  Next stop, Northern California!

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