“Cuisine at Home” Magazine

Cuisine at home is no ordinary magazine. It’s every at-home culinarian’s dream…an at home recipe bible, if you will. Cuisine at home is loaded with delicious menus, meticulously thought out directions, beautiful photos of the recipe process step by step, and mouthwatering pictures of the finished product. Better yet, it has none of the advertisements you see in most magazines. Each issue is dedicated to a different theme, some with all soups (at least 50 full color recipes), or 60-minute weeknight ideas. It’s like having a new fun cookbook delivered to your home 6 times a year, and a reference guide you’ll proudly display and use frequently. Even a professional chef will find inspiration in these books. Chef Marcus was honored to be at August Home Publishing in Des Moines, Iowa on Friday, the home of Cuisine at home. There are quite a few NECI graduates on the staff including Lisa Grasso, Essex ‘04, MJ (Mary Jane), Montpelier ‘06, and our host for the day Haley Wilson, Essex ‘07 who are all chefs working in the magazine’s test kitchens. Development of this 100 page treasure is a 6 month process involving recipe ideas, testing, editing and photographing. There are editors, test kitchen associates (like Haley), food stylists, artists and photographers all working together to prepare Cuisine at home. While we often think of high stress jobs associated with being a chef, with long unorthodox hours, the magazine aspect of the trade is quite the opposite. Yes, Haley and the others donned the traditional chef’s jacket (though I’m not sure it wasn’t because Chef Marcus was visiting), and yes, they prepare food, but that’s where much of the similarity ends. They shop at the local grocery store, not a purveyor, and buy product available to the every day consumer. They test and prepare, and test again each recipe, following each and every step as it is written each and every time (to ensure those at home can create an exact duplicate without having a culinary background). They get to eat the final products, where usually chefs only get to watch it being eaten. They go into work at 8am and leave at 5pm and have Saturdays and Sundays off. (Not in at noon, out at midnight, Never a weekend off!) And, this is my favorite, they get to wear flip flops to work. (You never get to wear open toed shoes in the restaurant!) Behind all this eating and having fun, though, is a very real, very serious job that the staff at August Home Publishers takes to heart. Take a look at this magazine at www.cuisineathome.com and the next time you pick up a magazine, think of how much work went in to bringing it to your home. Chef Marcus was thrilled to see this side of the culinary field (and also a bit jealous of the hours and low stress, I think). Thank you, John Meyer (senior editor), and all of you at Cuisine at home for a wonderful stage and tour. We’ll be looking forward to the next issue!

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  1. I still can’t believe that my wife does this for a living! She was just starter than the rest of us 😉 great write up guys, you should try to get into “Food Arts” magazine while in CA!

  2. I want issue 25 page 21 telling of dutch ovens. Can you help me. Darleen Smith

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