Spaghetti & Meatballs on a stick?!

…deep fried salami wrapped pickles on a stick, even a Reuben on a stick!! We visited the Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul on Thursday…it’s the country’s largest, and from what I could see, has the craziest food selection. They’ve taken the “on the stick” so far as to sell socks on a stick, or tee shirts on a stick. You name it, they’ve stuck it. In an attempt to budget, we packed a cooler with salads and sandwiches and made a point of parking close enough to the fair entrance so we could easily leave and eat when we got hungry. No such luck. The moment we passed over the pedestrian bridge and onto the expansive fair grounds, thousands of aromas entered our noses and summoned our stomachs towards the endless acres of food. We really did try to resist. Really. A $1 all you can drink milk (just milked, pasteurized, and piped into the dairy booth) (oh, and we had our choice, white or chocolate) here, a harmless hotdog in a bun on a stick there. Nothing substantial, really. Then we found the food court. Here we come, fair food. We ate Cajun chicken po boys (this was Not on a stick, though I’m quite certain we could have requested it), BBQ pork sandwiches, more hot dogs on sticks, fried potatoes with ranch dressing, gyros, honey sticks, caramel apples, not on a stick (guess they wanted to be different), hmmm. I know I’m forgetting something. We washed it all down with birch beer soda, something I haven’t tasted in years. Even though this was the opening day of the fair, and a drizzling rain was keeping us all wet, there were an estimated five thousand plus people there! We were told that on a normal fair day, upwards of twenty thousand visit. Guess that’s why it’s the country’s largest. If you’re not able to experience it first hand, check out the fair and food online at and see what other foods can be put on a stick.

I’ve just been corrected on my attendance figures, thanks Dan.  The count for the day came in at over 79,000!  Amazing.  Chef says “Imagine what we could do for recruiting and sales with a NECI signature “Chocolate Bomb” on a stick dipped in chocolate fondue for $5?!!”

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  1. I haven’t had anything to eat since! Hope you’re rollin’ smoothly westward. Here’s a correction to your attendance figures. The day one head count came in at 79,192 – last year was 75,910 for opening day (record is over 100,000!). Summer’s wrappin’ up and it’s back to school on Monday! Chase – enjoy your time learning about our great nation! Your classroom is out your doorstep. Let me know when you get toward California and I will set up some introductions for you.

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