Cheese & Cranberries…what a combo!

Wisconsin is pretty serious about its cheese, this we know. There are dairy farms everywhere (quite similar to Vermont, in fact). The main difference we’ve noticed is the color. It’s all orange cheese. The cheese makers add the annatto seed to the process to turn their otherwise white cheddar into yellow. I find this funny. In a good way, of course. And the fried cheese curds are delicious!

We’re driving through the center of Wisconsin right now on our way from Green Bay to La Crosse and started wondering what kind of fields we were seeing. It’s been nothing but corn and dairy for quite a while, but these fields had dams and interesting irrigation systems. Marcus thought cranberries, so we looked it up on . I read the entire cranberry excerpt out loud and learned a whole lot. Next thing we know, we’re seeing signs for Ocean Spray and straight up bogs with cranberries in the center!

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  1. Hey Chef!

    I’m disapppointed! Are you not coming to New Orleans or any of the Southern states?

    Oh, I also wanted to let you know I can now make a buerre blanc in several minutes flat! Ha!

  2. Hi guys! If you find yourself in Madison stop at a place called the Great Dane. They have the filet mignon of bratwurst. Seriously, you won’t be disappointed. Miss you!

  3. Madison, wisconsin? We’ll have to check it out if we make it back that way. We had fresh local made bratwurst at Stan’s Farm here in Minnesota a few weeks ago. It was fantastic. Miss you too!

  4. Dawn, nice to hear you’ve got the buerre blanc down! We will be making our way down South, and New Orleans is definately on the list! We plan to work for the winter in California, then work our way across toward your way in early spring.

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