Root Beer Floats & Big Balls of Twine!

We’ve discovered that Minnesotans take their root beer pretty seriously. It’s sold by the bottle with many different “microbrew” labels everywhere.  We were even told that it’s available by the keg or pitcher. This has taken us on the perfect root beer float quest. Our attempt at home (in the NECI camper) was an alright one, we started with the right ingredients anyhow (okay, I admit that’s pretty hard to screw up, there are only two). We used a local brew and Breyers Vanilla. And they were delicious, but not quite right. We didn’t have our root beer cold enough and that icy frost never set up on the ice cream…you know, the one you need to eat off with the spoon. 

We drove an hour and a half yesterday to see the World’s Largest Ball of Twine in Darwin, MN.  I’m sure we spent more in gas than this was worth, but on a crazy cross country trip as this, it’s just one of those American landmarks a traveler must see. At least once, anyhow.  We promised a friend back home we’d take a picture of Chase on top, but at twelve feet around, we could only hold him up really high.  We can say we saw it, at least, and have the pictures to prove it. 

On our way back from the twine, we saw a really neat 50s style drive-in restaurant which we decided to check out.  It’s name is the Peppermint Twist, and the only thing missing was the server’s rollerskates!  We pulled in to the covered parking space, pressed a little silver button and ordered, you guessed it, 3 root beer floats.  They were delivered by a happy teenager straight to our windows.  (Other cars nearby had trays hanging off the sides with more than floats on them.)  Mmmmmm.  These had that icy frost. The Peppermint Twist has quite an extensive menu ranging from burgers to wraps to meals. It was even featured on the Food Network in 2002.  What a great food find!

We then stopped by Rebecca Lake Park and let our full tummies settle as Chase tried to rule the enormous playground.  One other visitor’s comment about the lake was, “I bet when you left Vermont you never thought you’d be visiting this little green lake in Minnesota!”  She’s right, that one wasn’t on our list.  🙂 

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