Mitchell, SD

While the ‘boys’ were off riding at the Sturgis rally, Chase & I set off to have some fun of our own. We visited the world’s only “Corn Palace” where there are murals made of corn cobs, husks, and straw. The corny artwork covers the entire facade and most of the interior walls. It changes frequently. We went by the next day, and one of the murals was in the process of changing. What a silly place. The city founders created the Corn Palace in the early 1900s to draw attention to this mid-west town of Mitchell. The following day, we discovered (or, more accurately, had pointed out to us) the public swimming pool. This is no ordinary pool…It looks more like a mini-water park! And on this very steamy 95 degree day, was very refreshing. Chase wasn’t quite tall enough to go on the 3 water slides, so he took to the diving board. I jumped off a few times myself. We had so much fun this day that we went again a few days later. (Chase still wasn’t tall enough for the slides, but we checked again anyway).  One morning, we made the news!  We were on our way out when a local news reporter approached us and interviewed us on camping safely.  She stood infront of the NECI camper to do her report.  Boy was she suprised when I turned the tables and pulled out MY camera.  I caught a glimpse of the report on the evening news.  Pretty cool! 

Another of our adventures took us to the nearby Prehistoric Indian Village and Archeodome. Inside the main building is a walking tour (we chose the self-guided one) which teaches us about how the ancient tribes people of this area lived. From the bison-boats to the clay and dirt lodges which you can feel and walk through. Outside, there is a spear throwing area. Handmade spears launched with “atlatles”? (I’m sure I’ve spelled that wrong) with battered deerlike targets. It’s every 5 year old boy’s dream! Ron, one of the museum employees, came out to demonstrate throwing the spears and ended up graciously giving us a tour of the rest of the place. There was a sand pit for the kids to do their own archeological dig…if they found a plastic arrowhead, they could bring it to the gift shop and trade it in for a real one. Then on to the Archeodome. The grounds on which the museum and dome are located are the actual site of the prehistoric village. When you look at the lawn, you can see dips where lodges once sat, where fences once stood, and where previous prehistoric digs took place. Currently, there is a dig being conducted inside the dome. As visitors, we walked along the outside of the dig site and looked down onto an ancient lodge being unearthed. We found this fascinating. I almost went back the next day it was so neat. (and yes, Chase found a plastic arrowhead.)  Chase & I opted for a canoe rental instead and paddled across Lake Mitchell and saw the Dome from the water. We both had a lot of fun while Marcus was at Sturgis, but we are glad to have him home.

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