Mall of America

We have a “wish list” of sorts, which Marcus & I put together before we left Vermont, of all the places we want to visit while on our trip.  Chase had a few additions to this list of his own.  They include the Hoover Dam (which he called the
beaver dam), the Statue of Liberty, an active volcano, tumble weeds, and the Mall of America.  This trip has been a whole lot of fun so far, but we haven’t been to any of these places on his list, until this week.  The other night, he found out that we are in Minneapolis and his eyes got huge…This is where the Mall of America is, he squeals!  I’m going to bed so I can fast forward my night so that tomorrow can come and we can go to the MOA!  There’s an indoor water park and an indoor roller coaster and an aquarium, and a huge lego play area!  (I don’t know how he knows all of this.)(Wendy & Brian’s computer he says.)

The next morning comes, and the first words out of his mouth are “Let’s get dressed and go to the Mall of America!”  We dropped Marcus off at Town Talk Diner for his stage with Chef Tor, and Chase and I went to the Mall of America. 
Chase Hamblett speaking: So, since we’ve been on our trip the MOA is checked, so now I want to see tumble weeds, but they are way in the West.  And that’s when I first got to the Mall of America, it felt like I was in space.  And if you know, and if you eat um, there was even my favorite soup there which was Wolfgang Puck soup!  And I love it, too.  And who ever is looking at the blog, don’t forget to look at it every day.
And while we were at the Mall of America, you know what happened to me?  I went on a roller coaster!!  Guess how fun it was?  It was on and it was off.  It was wild and not wild, wild and not wild.  And while we were at the Mall of America it was so fun ’cause I got to do lots and lots and lots of things.  That’s all for now, folks.

That was Chase’s brief rendition of our day.  He was so excited to get to the Mall that he had tears in his eyes when we pulled in to the parking garage.  As for his Wolfgang Puck comment, there was a “Wolfgang Puck Express” restaurant where we had to dine….he was Soup-er excited to eat there, as Wolfgang makes his favorite soups (we buy them organic in the can).  Chase told me that he was going to order one of each soup on the menu, eat all of these, then choose his favorite and order all that they had of that one.  We didn’t quite make it through all of the soup they had in house, but he did a pretty good job!

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  1. I’m glad to see Chase making a post or two! Hope your having fun.

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