Elephant Ears, Michigan

We dug in the dirt on a hunt for gold yesterday afternoon.  It was hot!  Steamy.  In the stream wasn’t so bad, but as we walked along in the fields and apple orchard with the metal detector, it got hotter and hotter (Chase is the only one of us to find anything…a 1988 dime).  As we headed back toward our camper parked on the edge of the field, we could hear music drifting across from town.  We changed and went into Athens to investigate.  There was a mini-village fair going on!  Maybe 200 people, vendor tents, carnival games, bounce houses and slides…even Elephant Ears.  What’s an Elephant Ear, you ask?  It’s fried dough, Michigan style.  The local fire department boys were stretching dough, frying it in vegetable oil, and serving huge, elephant ear size portions of cinnamon and sugar coated tasty fried dough.  Yumm and Uhhgg.  Marcus and I each ate one.  Sharing only one small bite each with Chase.  He wasn’t too interested.  He did 6 trips down the giant blowup slide tumbling and somersaulting down.  There was a 13 year old desert tortoise which we feed leaf greens to, and  alligators!  Chase held onto one of the 2 year old gators (they had rubberbands around their snouts) whose name was Einstein because he could get out of his rubberband when no one was looking.  These gators were only a foot or so long.  Can you imagine just how old the 12 footers we see in South Florida are?  I never knew they took so long to grow.  We had a whole lot of fun checking out this small town fair…which was called the Athens Summer Homecoming  (complete with dressed up teenagers named homecoming queen, court and all), but we couldn’t help but feel like we were crashing the party.  I’m sure we looked out of place, as well.  Oh well, ’twas fun!

Chase and Dad gathered firewood for a great fire last evening.  We sat around it, waiting for dark, or, waiting to have smores.   This is the first night I’ve realized the time difference.  We are still in EST, same as Vermont, but because we’re west, the sun comes up later, and goes down later.  It was almost 10 before it was dark!  I came inside to get our smores ingredients, and was shocked when I looked at the clock.  Oops.  We still happily enjoyed our chocolately creations.  Chef Marcus added sliced banana to his…

Today is overcast, light breeze…we’ve made a list of things to get done, including laundry.  Guess it can’t all be fun and games. 

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  1. I’m so glad that you enjoyed our Summer Homecoming! The elephant ears ARE pretty great! Hope you’ll consider coming back to our village. Visitors are few and far between, but they’re always welcome–even at Homecoming!

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