Hershey PA,

chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.  The entire town smells like it.  We rolled in with the NECI camper into Hershey’s Highmeadow campground on Monday afternoon and began to eat it.  A kiss here, a hug there.  Next thing I know, I can’t stop.  What do they put in this stuff, anyway?!  We took the Hershey’s Chocolate Tour on Tuesday, got some free kissables (little candy coated kisses) and spent the rest of the day in the amusement park with our friends Ed, from PA, his two boys, and Regina, from Baltimore.  It was wonderful to see them both.  Chase bought a large Hershey bar with nuts in it and some more kissables with the $5 Beema (my mom)(hi mom!) gave him.  He ate half of it last night, barely touched dinner, and had a bite first thing this AM.  I made pancakes for breakfast this morning and Chase gave me his bag of kissables to add to them.  Yummy!  And, just because there may not have been enough sugar in this all, we topped it off with fresh Vermont Maple syrup from Marcus’ family sugarbush.  Uggh.  I brought Chase down to the pool after and couldn’t get in because I’d had too much sugar.   We’re now on the road (just entered Ohio!!!) on our way to Michigan to dig for some gold.  This is the first time any of us have ever been in Ohio.  Got here via the Penna Turnpike, route 76.  Would you believe they charged us $17.25 just to get off?!  What are they doing with all that money?  They’d better have “beam-me-up-Scotty’s” when we come back this way!!!

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  1. Hey guys!

    I got such nostalgia reading about your trip to Hershey Park. Wish we could have been there! We’ll be heading back to the States from Kathmandu at the end of August. Wonder where you will be then?

    Chase looks adorable.


  2. Sholeh! all the way from Kathmandu! How’s mom-hood treating you? End of August, we should be in hmmm…maybe Iowa or Oregon. Might have to make a special trip to Baltimore even. How long will you guys be there for?

  3. And the Lobster lady…welcome to the blog. Glad to see you’ll be joining us on our adventure.

  4. Well now we won’t be back until late September. Need to stay in Kathmandu longer. Mom-hood is an exhaustingly sweet journey.

    We’ll keep you posted – please keep us posted too!

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