Digging for clams on the Maine coast

We awoke this AM to low tide and clam diggers out in front of where we are staying (on an island off the Maine coast at a little campground on Georgetown Island).  We met with some of the clam diggers, took some pictures (which I am having trouble posting, I’ll keep trying).  There were three young men, with what they figured to be at least 90 lbs of freshly dug clams.  It took them 4 hours to collect.  They sell these clams at Boston markets, and some stay locally for tourists.  Chase thought it was pretty neat to see how his favorite “Joel’s Soup” (New England Clam Chowder to the rest of the world) was started.  We hope to get our hands on a few pounds of these this evening to steam (to go with our local brew). 

Last night we made it to dinner at The Osprey Restaurant just in time for them to close.  They only had one steamed lobster left, so Marcus had some Scallop Carbonnara, Chase lots of “Joel’s Soup”, and I got the lucky lobster.  Tonight, though, we are having live lobster delivered straight to our campsite by a local lobster fisherwoman.  We just got off the phone with her.  Can’t wait!  We’ll be sharing this meal with NECI student Drew who is doing his internship nearby.

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  1. On the road with Chef Marcus – this is the craziest idea. I love it – it’s like Tony Bourdain meets Jack Kerouac.

    Let me know when you get close to wine country, I’ll set up some tours for you and the family.

    You guys will be missed at Benji-Fest this weekend.

    Best to Chase and Erika.

    Em & JZ

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