Good food and Family…

Upon our arrival to Derby, Vermont, Marcus’ mom had a large batch of homemade spaghetti sauce waiting for us.  In all 5 years of Chase’s life, this has become tradition.  Nana’s spaghetti.  He’ll eat 3 plates of it, then say he’s ready for dessert.  As we remind him that there isn’t anything for dessert, he grins and helps himself to another plate of spaghetti stating that this IS dessert.  This event  brings on a conversation of food traditions and what foods remind us of Home.  For Chase, it’s Nana’s homemade sauce, for me, my mother’s oatmeal cranberry cookies………..

I had one more wedding to deliver in the Burlington area, so Marcus and I, along with his brother Nate and wife Tracy, decided to take advantage of Nana as babysitter and all dined at Butler’s at the Inn at Essex last night.  What an amazing meal we had.  I think I count 8 courses of food we’re still all raving about this morning.  What fascinated me most is how tightly we’re all connected to our food.  We shared the cheese platter which had a sampling of Lazy Lady Farms goat cheese.  Nate & Tracy run a feed store in Derby, and sell some of their supplies to the farm.  So, in essence, Nate fed the goat whose cheese we were eating. 

We retired, after a long drive home, agreeing to meet in the morning for brunch.  Chef Marcus graciously made us all some rich and delicious eggs benedict with some local farm raised ham (fed from Nate’s store), braised in our family’s own maple syrup.  Even Marcus’ grandmother enjoyed the eggs benedict.  Something she’d never had the opportunity to experience in her 80 years.  She contributed brownies made from scratch from a recipe which was passed down from Marcus’ great grandmother. 

This all brings me back to Nana’s spaghetti sauce and family traditions and how food plays such an important part in these memories and in our daily lives. 

Enough rambling, tomorrow we shove off for Portland, Maine.  To smell the salt air and eat lobster rolls!!!!

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  1. Hey Chef Marcus! Just reading up on your blog. Ya know LL Bean and Freeport Maine is just 20 minutes north of Portland. (That’s where I am.) Working at the Harraseeket Inn. You should stop in for a bite. Got Monday and Tuesday off though. Have fun good luck.

  2. Hey Chef Marcus and family-
    Thanks for posting your adventures. Have fun in Maine!
    I breathe in
    I breathe out

  3. Hey everyone. Once again, thanks for all the support. Diane, we will be in the Portland area, actually just north at a campground in Georgetown. We will be checking in today, Monday and leaving sometime Thursday. Steve Corry at 555 should be back from vacation on Tuesday. I hope to work with him on Wednesday.

    Also, Hi Drew. I hope we can catch up while we’re in the area. We emailed you our info. Call us at 802-734-7118. Maybe we can met with other alums in the area, as well.

  4. Hi Chef-
    Good to hear that you are having fun. I love hearing about family food traditons. In my family it was always Grandma’s Baked Spaghetti on my Mom’s side, I was never a fan, but the recipe is a couple of generations old. On my Dad’s side it was my Grandma’s baked beans, we used to love those beans and I just found out the trick to them, now maybe I will be able to make them like her.
    Continue to enjoy all the local foods!!!!!!

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