Let the Journey Begin!

NECI Chef Marcus Hamblett, his wife Erika and Chase, their 5-year old son (and chef-in-training), have set out on an unforgetable culinary odyssey with a mission to cook in all 50 states. 

Chef Marcus, a graduate of New England Culinary Institute (NECI)  and former Alumni Association President, has been a chef instructor at NECI since 2003. He and his family recently decided to pack up their belongings and set out on the journey of a lifetime in an effort to get “behind the line” in every state.

They set off on Saturday, July 7th in their truck and 26-foot trailer in tow for a year long odyssey that most people only dream about. During their time out on the road they will be visiting NECI Alumni, performing demos at tech centers and upscale food markets and staging in various restaurants.

They plan to spend the first couple of weeks in New England and then head west on a northerly route.  They will hit Sturgis, South Dakota (for the Harley Davidson rally in mid-August) with stops in Wisconsi, Minneapolis, Iowa, Nebraska, Boulder and Breckinridge as well as Montana and MGM Grand in Las Vegas. They will return on the southern route after visiting San Francisco and plan to be back in time to congratulate NECI’s 2008 graduating class.

Keep checking back to find out where they have been, where they are going and where in the world they are now!

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  1. well the trip has started we picked up the camper now coverd in neci logo. pictures will come soon. we are now in new hampshire and setting up 2 stage for next week.

  2. Dont forget about the gold! find lots of gold! Good luck you three have a blast.

  3. Hey Chef Marcus,

    Hope you’re having a blast, I’m sooooo jelious! Keep us posted, this is exciting!

    Take care,
    Brandy Allan
    AOS 05′
    BAHRM 07′
    Internship # 3 Biltmore Estate
    Asheville, NC

  4. Hey Chef, How are you guys doing? Are you still in New Hampshire? Where exactly are you there?

  5. Safe travels, you guys! With last night’s storm lasting about 2 hours, I kept hoping you were high and dry! Where are the photos of the wrapped trailer?

  6. Hey chef, good luck on your trip! I hope you have lots of fun. find lots of gold to bring back and show us! If your ever in North Carolina ill be living in the Charlotte area, you should stop by. if not ill be seeing you next year at graduation!

    Keep it between the ditches (drive safe)

    Karen Shier

  7. Hey Chef Marcus when will you be in New Jersey area. Have fun and stay safe.

  8. Thanks for all the comments and support! Dedrick, we should be in the NJ area within the next week and a half or so. Where are you?

  9. This is so fun! I am very excited for you guys! Have safe travels and tell chase I say hi, I miss you all ❤ I’m sure you won’t make it down to my side of NH, but if you need a babysitter for a night, you know where to find me!

    Jennifer Hayes
    AOS 06′

  10. I am South Jersey about 1hr North East of Trenton. I told the owner of Doris and Eds which is located in Highlands along the Jersey Shore. He sounded really intrested in what you are doing. Let me know where you will be staging at . Thanks

  11. From the NECI mothership….Hello Chef Marcus and Family!! We are excited to hear about your travels and hope all is well…I will be traveling to Orlando, Florida this week with the ACF Knowledge Bowl team to compete in the National Competition…so, give a shout out to the NECI squad this weekend and wish us luck!!! Or, maybe we’ll see your bus cruise by… I read about the Harley Show that you’ll all be at and had to smile…both my brother-in laws ride from LaCrosse, Wisconsin to attend EVERY year! I hear it is a wild time! Have a wonderful journey…and, please let us know if you need anything!
    Tastefully….Chef Dina

  12. hello chef just hoping you are still in MN. I live there and really miss that cute kid of yours. I would love to have you and your wife come over for dinner and you can meet madelin ( my little girl ) well hope you are still there. talk to you later.
    Brittany Marquart ( soutar )

    P.S. hi chef dina…HAHAHAHA

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